2017 NewCharms.com News and Updates

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Tuesday December 20th

Christmas is almost here! Order by 1PM on Wednesday and choose EXPRESS shipping to get gifts in time. And if you order $100 or more we'll upgrade for you for no extra cost!! (This is for USA delivery addresses and only on non-custom items since those take a few days to make.)

H8354 North Pole Floating Locket CharmH7548 Santa Waving Floating Locket CharmH8289 JOY Christmas Ball Ornament Floating Locket CharmH7629 Green And Red Stocking Floating Locket CharmH6250 Dec 25 Floating Locket CharmH1683 Glitter Ribbon Bow Floating Locket Charm H8250 Noel Manger Floating Locket Charms H7550 Snowman Red Scarf Floating Locket Charm H8290 Rudolph Floating Locket Charm H7647 Candy Cane Floating Locket Charm


Thursday December 15th

Check out exciting items, sale items, and some great 1 cent pieces below...

Brooches on sale for $1.99 each.

P322 - Ribbon Black Stones

And choose 1 for just 1¢ when you order $10+

(limit one 1¢ brooch/order, unlimited at $1.99)


Make a great gift at under $3.
Custom made in California!
PH9051 White Flower Foldable Purse Hanger

Plus the purse hanger above is 1¢ on your $20+ order

(limit one 1¢ purse hanger per order)


Classic purse hangers keep your purse
off the floor in style for just $2.98.
Purse Hanger on TableClassic Purse Hanger

And choose 1 for just 1¢ when you order $30+

(limit one 1¢ purse hanger/order, unlimited $3.88)

* Holiday locket charms 99¢ *
All Christmas locket charms just 99¢ each
or 49¢ each in dozens. Over 75 designs!
H7548 Santa Waving Floating Locket CharmH8289 JOY Christmas Ball Ornament Floating Locket CharmH7629 Green And Red Stocking Floating Locket Charm
H6250 Dec 25 Floating Locket CharmH1683 Glitter Ribbon Bow Floating Locket Charm H8250 Noel Manger Floating Locket Charms
H7550 Snowman Red Scarf Floating Locket Charm H8290 Rudolph Floating Locket Charm H7647 Candy Cane Floating Locket Charm
No limit on these 99
¢/49¢ charms
* great value on beautiful gift *
Complete holiday locket is just $7.88!!!
Holiday Living Life Locket Set
No limit on this great deal.
* Christmas Italian charms 99¢ *
With over 70 Holiday Italian charms
to choose from at 99¢ each charm.
CT4304 Reindeer Italian CharmSanta Hat Dog Italian CharmSnowman Head Italian Charm
Elf Italian CharmSnow Globe Italian Charm Tree and Presents Italian Charm
FAITH Italian Charm Dove
No limit on these 99
¢/49¢ charms

Special pricing on all of our DOG dangles and our METAL, ENAMEL, and FLOWER dangles too!
CH509 Brussels Griffon Dog DangleCH516 Silver Terrier Dog DangleCH505 Little Brown Dog DangleCH514 Petit Bassett Griffon Dog DangleCH517 Brown with Black Dog Dangle
CH025 Owl DangleCH023 Love U DangleCH013 Skeleton DangleCH552 Pink Purse DangleCH209 Light Blue Rose Dangle


Tuesday December 13th

A few notes about our great Italian Charms. Superlinks and double/tripple links are the same price as regular 9mm charms, and our 13mm and compatible charms are on sale.

Mack Truck (double)Crane (double)Water Truck (double)HOLLYWOOD (superlink) Dragon in Black (Triple)
13mmT459 2 Red Hibiscus 13mm Italian Charm13mmT345 Black And White Cat 13mm Italian Charm13mmR3035 Nurse Hat 13mm Italian Charm13mmCT1208 Beer Mug 13mm Italian Charm 13mmT310 Black Dog Paw 13mm Italian Charm13mmCT1013 Alligator 13mm Italian Charm13mmCT048 Tulip On Purple 13mm Italian Charm


Tuesday December 6th

Check out these great new snap charms and then scroll down for 1¢ deals and sale items too!

GS156 Owl Snap CharmGS157 Star Fish Seastar Snap CharmGS159 Snowflake on Black Snap CharmGS158 Maple Leaf Snap CharmGS161 Sunset Tree Snap CharmGS160 Tree on Yellow Snap CharmGS162 Sugar Skull Snap Charm


Tuesday November 22nd

Some great news from our O-Ring page:

We've added 100+ metal O-Ring Charms:
And our metal O-Ring Dog Charms are on sale at 40% off:
JT174 Gold Laybrinth O-Ring Charm
JT183 O-Ring Dangle Silver Owl
JT176 Gold Celtic Cross O-Ring Charm
JT184 O-Ring Dangle Silver Angel
JR142 Alaskan Malamute ORing Charm
JR138 Basset Hound ORing Charm
JR107 I Love My Beagle ORing Charm
JR108 American Shepherd ORing Charm
JT215 Dancing Senor O-Ring Charm
JT218 Gold Dancing Senorita O-Ring Charm
JT219 Silver Catrina O-Ring Charm
JT275 Silver Bells O-Ring Charm
JR158 Bloodhound ORing Charm
JR125 I Love My Boxer ORing Charm
JR132 Chihuahua ORing Charm
JR128 Brittany ORing Charm
JT234 Silver St Nicholas O-Ring Charm
JT272 Gold Snowflake O-Ring Charm
JT184 O-Ring Dangle Silver Angel
JT238 Gold Star Of David O-Ring Charm
JR140 Corgi Black ORing Charm
JR200 Corgi Head O-Ring Charm
JR141 I Love My Corgi ORing Charm
JR134 German Shepherd ORing Charm
JT311 Gold Football O-Ring Charm
JT308 Silver Baseball O-Ring Charm
JT313 Gold Basketball O-Ring Charm
JT316 Silver Volleyball O-Ring Charm
  JR178 Black Lab O-Ring Charm JR148 Havanese ORing Charm JR152 Irish Setter ORing Charm JR150 Pug Tan ORing Charm


Tuesday November 15th

Just in time for holiday shopping all of our popular, stainless steel open disk are in stock in silver and gold.

Forever In My Heart Open Diskmy father my hero my best friend Open Diskmy mother my hero my best friend Open DiskI Carry Your Heart With Me Open Diskall you need is love love is all you need Open DiskMy Heart Belongs To A Soldier Open Disk
DW101 You Are My Sunshine Open DiskDW101 You Are My Sunshine Open DiskDW101 You Are My Sunshine Open Disk
Monday November 3rd

All of our letter charms for lockets are in stock including our silver, gold, and even our wooden board game style letters:

Thursday October 27th
Brand new locket charms including a blue and red ribbon (for Congenital heart disease) and some adorable flowers...
H9855 Little Purple Rose Floating Locket CharmH9854 Little Red Rose Floating Locket CharmH9855 Little Purple Rose Floating Locket CharmH9856 Little Teal Rose Floating Locket CharmH9857 Little Pink Rose Floating Locket CharmH9853 Red and Blue Ribbon Floating Locket Charm
Wednesday October 26th
Check out our new black magnetic lockets with ORANGE and PURPLE stones...
VK33 Black Orange CZs Big Round Floating LocketVK31 Black Purple CZs Big Round Floating Locket
Thursday October 13th
You have to see our new rock bracelets! They feature beautiful stones and charms at incredible pricing. Made from natural stones, our bracelets offer the unique texture of lava rock contrasted with brilliantly shiny polished stones. The vibrant colors and patterns feature deep and vibrant colors like cat eye stones and aqua colors.
RB001 Lava Rock Bracelet with Purple RectangleRB002 Lava Rock Bracelet with Green RectangleRB003 Lava Rock Bracelet with Aqua Rectangle

Tuesday October 11th
We have restocked our jewelry trays and we have unbelievable pricing on them. Buy a few of them at under $3 each or buy a big quantity of them to resale and get pricing as low as $1 each! They feature 22 velvet topped rows for charms and sturdy construction with raised edges to keep charms and bracelets in place. See full pricing and info here.

We have black and dark blue both available. See above for a close up
of the top 6 rows of our black display tray featuring our photo flag
Italian Charms. Display up to 44 strips of 10 (so 440 total charms!)
per display tray. See our new discounted pricing here.

Originally priced at $7 $9 we now have them up to 90% off!!

Wednesday October 5th
Some great new and back in stock Italian Charms:

SP9535 Jets Italian CharmSP9530 Patriots Italian CharmCT6177 USA in Red White and Blue Italian CharmsCT6214 Cross on USA Flag Italian Charms CT6176 USA Flag Italian Charms CT9746 USA Flag Italian CharmCT6246 Marines Italian Charms CT6180 Air Force Italian Charms CT6236 Navy Italian Charms CT9701 Braton Red Italian CharmCT9705 God Mother on Purple Italian Charm
CT6664 Mom on Red Italian Charms CT6674 Property of My Dog on White Italian Charms CT6460 I Love NY New York Italian Charms CT6590 Cutie on Red Heart Italian Charms CT6672 Elvis on Red Italian Charms CT6604 Elvis on White Italian Charms CT6597 Obey Me Italian Charms CT9700 Nanny on Red Italian CharmCT9715 Woman at Beach Italian CharmCT9721 Tropical Fish Italian CharmCT9755 Woody and Surfboard Italian Charm
CT9754 Tropical Fish Italian CharmCT9750 Casino Italian CharmaCT9757 Casino Dollar Sign Italian CharmaCT9763 Casino Italian CharmaCT9756 Reno Italian CharmaCT9725 Cards and Chips Italian CharmaCT9729 I Love Las Vegas Italian CharmaCT9717 Cat with Flowers Italian CharmCT9723 Boot and Hat Italian CharmCT9736 Vegas Mom Italian Charm CT9724 Girl Scout Mom Italian Charm
CT9738 Mom Italian CharmCT9712 Grandma Italian CharmCT9720 Grand Kids on Purple Italian CharmCT9713 Tulip Italian Charm CT9752 Trees and Sky Italian CharmCT9753 Tree Italian Charm CT9714 Small Bat Italian CharmCT9742 Cherries Italian CharmCT9740 Flower Italian CharmCT9731 Parasail Italian CharmCT9759 Clown Face Masks Italian Charm
CT9747 Love Slave Italian CharmCT9748 Lucy Italian CharmCT9764 Yosemite Sam Italian CharmCT9743 Hottie on Pink Italian Charm CT9711 Cute Girl Italian Charm CT9765 Princess on Pink Italian Charm CT9766 Princess on Purple Italian Charm CT9719 Princess on Blue Italian Charm
CT9741 Madd Italian CharmCT9758 Precious Girl Doll Italian CharmCT9702 Mermaid Italian Charm
CT9707 Runner on Beach Italian CharmCT9726 Water Skiing Italian CharmCT9760 Soccer Mom Italian CharmCT9761 Football Mom Italian CharmCT9734 Team Mom Italian CharmCT9733 Ski Mom Italian CharmCT9751 Merlot Italian CharmCT9703 Rock Climber Italian Charm CA9251 Spaceship Italian CharmCT9737 Yoga Italian CharmCT9745 Love My Car Italian Charm
CT9744 Animal on Eight Ball Italian CharmCT9762 Got Beer Italian Charm CT9732 Love My Twin Italian CharmCT9716 Best Friend on Heart Italian CharmCT9709 Yosemite Italian CharmCT9730 Yosemite Half Dome Italian CharmCT9739 Yellow Ribbon Italian CharmCT9722 Trolley Car Italian CharmCT9749 Sexy Bitch Italian CharmCT1906 Flamingo Italian CharmCT9710 Woman Kneeling Italian Charm
CT9718 I Love Chocolate Italian Charm (superlink) CT9727 Mom on Pink Dangle Italian CharmCT9728 Mom on Purple Dangle Italian CharmBee Italian CharmCT6199 Care Bear Purple Italian CharmCT6517 Music Note Italian CharmSP9510 Seahawks Italian CharmHappy Halloween Italian CharmDiving Italian CharmCrossword Italian Charm

And our classic purse hangers are on sale at under $4 in any quantity. Some styles are low in stock so order while we have them.
Friday September 30th
Our letter disks are on sale for October 20% off individually and up to 40% off in bigger quantities. They fit inside all styles of our big round lockets: stainless steel magnetic, stainless steel twist lockets, and alloy magnetic lockets. And they work great with our new trapezoid CZ lockets shown below. (Plus our TS10 which is our big round stainless steel twist locket is back in stock!)

Round Disk - Letter SRound Disk - Letter ARound Disk - Letter LRound Disk - Letter ETS10  Twist Stainless Steel Silver Big Round Loose Floating Locket

Thursday September 29th

SS10  Stainless Steel Silver Big Round Floating LocketSS10  Stainless Steel Silver Big Round Floating Locket
We are proud to introduce our brand new trapezoid CZ lockets in 5 great colors. The amount of shiny and light they reflect is incredible. They are beautiful and are perfect to add some glamour to your floating locket line. They have magnetic closures and are made from high quality stainless steel.

They are 33mm wide so they are a little bigger on the outside than our "big" lockets so we are calling them "large" size. We've designed them so that the inside dimension is just right for the "big" round disks. See them here.

SS53 Large Round Magetic Locket Clear Trapezoid CZsSS55 Large Round Magetic Locket Black Trapezoid CZsSS57 Large Round Magetic Locket Green Trapezoid CZsSS59 Large Round Magetic Locket Pink Trapezoid CZsSS61 Large Round Magetic Locket Amber Trapezoid CZs
Monday September 19th
New SPORTS bangle bracelets available in both silvertone and goldtone.
Saturday September 10th
Our stainless steel locket watches are on sale. As low as $14.99 each by the dozen! See them here.
Stainless Steel Silver Blue CZ Medium Round LocketStainless Steel Silver Blue CZ Medium Round Locket
Tuesday August 30th
Sale on select alloy lockets. Choose from over 20 designs and save 50¢ off per locket in any quantity. Limited time offer.
VS21 Versatile Loose Silver CZ Medium Round LocketVersatile Loose Big Round LocketVersatile Loose CZ Big Round LocketVG21 Versatile Loose Gold CZ Medium Round Locket
Friday August 19th
A few snap charms back in stock and a ton of new ones. See all our new snap charms here.

GS621 Compass Snap CharmGS622 Earth Globe Snap CharmGS623 Fleur de Lis Snap CharmGS624 Ohm Snap CharmGS625 Riveted Peace Sign Snap CharmGS626 Ornate Elephant Snap CharmGS627 Sun and Zodiac Signs Snap Charm
GS628 Ankh Snap CharmGS629 Cross with Swirls Snap CharmGS630 Raised Cross Snap CharmGS631 Cross on Black Snap CharmGS632 Best Mom Snap CharmGS633 Sis Snap CharmGS634 Antique Cameo Snap Charm
GS614 Rivited Aqua Snap CharmGS615 Paterned Aqua Snap CharmGS616 Patterned Snap CharmGS617 Yin Yang Pink and Clear Snap CharmGS618 Very Pink Snap CharmGS619 Spiral Assorted Snap CharmGS620 Sunbeam Snap Charm
GS635 Owl with Green Eyes Snap CharmGS636 Dragonflies Snap CharmGS637 Treble Clef Snap CharmGS638 Music Notes Snap CharmGS639 Pink Heart Collage Snap CharmGS640 Fanned Blue and Green Snap CharmGS641 Triangle Stone Snap Charm
GS600 Red Bling Snap CharmGS608 Enamel Yellow Flower Snap CharmGS609 Enamel Aqua Flower Snap CharmGS610 Enamel Purple Flower Snap CharmGS611 Assorted Ocean Blue Snap CharmGS612 Clear Floral Firework Snap CharmGS613 Greenery Snap Charm
GS642 Aqua Snowflake Snap CharmGS643 Shiny Snowflake Snap CharmGS644 Candy Canes Snap CharmGS903 USA Flag Snap Charm
GS152 Simple Turquoise Snap CharmGS908 Decorative Turquoise Snap Charm


Thursday August 18th

Some great new floating locket charms are available now. Click below to see them:


Brand new floating locket charms. Order here:
H9849 Year 2016 Floating Locket CharmH9850 Year 2017 Floating Locket Charm H9848 Mouse Ears Black and Red Floating Locket Charm H9845 Pokemon Poke Ball Floating Locket CharmH9846 Pokemon Pikachu Floating Locket CharmH9847 Pokemon Green Floating Locket Charm


Wedesday July 27th
Don't miss our great new designs of Thin Blue Line wristbands and our other colors like our Thin Red Line Bracelets too.

Blue Lives Matter Thin Blue Line WristbandBack the Blue Thin Blue Line WristbandPolice Lives Matter Thin Blue Line Bracelet
Pray for Police Thin Blue Line Wrist BandValor Thin Blue Line Wristbands for Law EnforcementNo One Fights Alone Thin Blue Line Wristband
Police Officer Thin Blue Line WristbandFirefighter Thin Red Line WristbandSecurity Officer Thin Green Line WristbandCorrections Officers Thin Gray Line Wristband Silver


Thursday July 14th
These Italian Charms are in stock now:

I Love DanceCT1049 Double Red Heart Italian CharmI Love My Kids Italian CharmBlue Fairy Italian CharmYellow Rose Italian Charm plus this popular Locket Charm: H1111 Marine Seal Floating Locket Charm


Saturday July 2nd

Through Monday you can automatically qualify for our 4TH OF JULY WEEKEND SALE. In honor of our independence all orders (worldwide) will qualify for a refund based on your pre shipping order amount.

We are excited to introduce our BIG stainless steel emerald cut locket. Plus our MEDIUM emerald cut lockets and our beaded locket design are on sale for just $5.88 each in any quanty. (And this weekend you can combined that great price with the sale offer above!)
SS79 Stainless Steel Silver SS77 Stainless Steel Silver Medium Emerald Cut CZ LocketSG77 Stainless Steel Silver Medium Emerald Cut CZ LocketSR77 Stainless Steel Rose Gold Medium Emerald Cut CZ LocketSS68 Stainless Steel Beaded Round Silver Locket


Wednesday June 29th
We've taken a dollar or more off the prices of all of these stainless steel locket styles:

TC10 Colorful TWIST Stainless Steel Big Round Floating LocketTC11 Colorful TWIST CZ Stainless Steel Big Round Floating LocketSS90 Stainless Steel Silver SG90 Stainless Steel GoldSS30  Stainless Steel Silver Heart Floating Locket
SS91 Stainless Steel Silver CZ
SG91 Stainless Steel Gold CZSS30  Stainless Steel Silver Heart Floating LocketSS92  Stainless Steel Silver Big Curvy Heart Floating LocketSG92 Stainless Steel GOLD
SS92  Stainless Steel Silver Big Curvy Heart Floating LocketSS93 Stainless Steel Silver CZSG93 Stainless Steel Gold CZSS91  Stainless Steel Silver CZ Big Curvy  Heart Floating LocketSS82 Stainless Steel Silver Moon Floating Locket
SG82 Stainless Steel Gold Moon Floating LocketSS83 Stainless Steel Silver Moon CZ Floating LocketSG83 Stainless Steel Gold Moon CZ Floating LocketSG77 Stainless Steel Silver Medium Emerald Cut CZ LocketSR77 Stainless Steel Rose Gold Medium Emerald Cut CZ Locket


Tuesday June 28th
We have added another stainless steel keychain option with a double hook so you can attach it to nearly anything. So you can now choose from these 3 styles:

Stainless Steel Keychain Sample LocketSimple Locket Stainless Steel Keychain on SaleDouble Hook Stainless Steel Keychain for Floating Lockets


Monday June 27th
Just arrived here in sunny California all of our acrylic lockets, a few great locket charms and our most popular snap charm too the owl.
YU10 Blue Acrylic Big Round LocketH9843 Campfire Floating Locket CharmH6238 Beaver Floating Locket CharmH9842 Red and White Swimsuit Floating Locket CharmH9842 Whale Tail Floating Locket CharmH7791 White Polar Bear Floating Locket Charm
GS605 Ladybug Snap CharmGS601 Anchors Away Snap CharmGS602 Bling Soccer Ball Snap CharmGS603 Bling Starfish Snap CharmGS607 Dolphin Snap CharmGS107 Owl With Blue CZ Eyes Snap Charm


Saturday June 11th

Stainless Steel KeychainNEW KEYCHAINS AT A GREAT PRICE...
Simple stainless steel keychains with a nice size lobster claw ready for you to add a locket (sold separately). Keychains now as low as $1.49 each by the dozen. Shop them here.
Stainless Steel Keychain


Friday June 3rd

New handmade string bracelets are available in 27 different styles including simple string styles and braided styles as well. Click here.

Recycled Flip Flop BraceletsRecycled Flip Flop BraceletsRecycled Flip Flop BraceletsRecycled Flip Flop Bracelets
Recycled Flip Flop BraceletsRecycled Flip Flop Bracelets
Recycled Flip Flop BraceletsRecycled Flip Flop Bracelets


Tuesday May 31st

Letter snap charms are here and we are offering special pricing on a set of 100 letters. Shop them here.

GS111 Pink Floral Firework Snap Charm


Wednesday May 18th

Our adorable enamel dangle charms are on sale for a limited time at just 69¢ each in ANY QUANTITY. Buy 1 or 100. You can link them onto a bracelet or necklace you already have or pair them with one of our floating lockets. See a few designs below and all of them here.

CE047 Butterfly Enamel Dangle


Thursday May 13th / Updated Monday May 16th :)

Thanks for shopping our SUMMER SALE!
Watch for more deals through the Summer here on our updates page :)

Be ready for Summer sales and gift giving by stocking up now through WEDNESDAY MAY 18TH!
The more you shop the more you save up to 20% as listed below...

Merchandise amount:
Refund amount:

Discount on nearly everything on the site only exclusions are: custom items, wholesale kits, and shipping fees.
Your discount will be processed in the form of a refund after you have placed your order. All refunds processed by Thursday the 19th.


Monday May 9th

Essential Oil Stainless Steel Lockets are here and we are in love with these new Aromatherapy Pendants. They are Stainless steel magnetic lockets and are approximately 1 inch wide (25mm). Our magnetic lockets are made from high quality stainless steel (grade 316L) and have a hinge on the left side so you can open the locket like a book and put in your essential oil diffuser inside. They secure with multiple high strength magnets on the right side. Buy the lockets here and the diffuser pads at the bottom of the page. Like our other lockets these are interchangeable with our stainless steel necklaces and our alloy necklaces too.

SS10  Stainless Steel Silver Big Round Floating LocketSS10  Stainless Steel Silver Big Round Floating LocketSS10  Stainless Steel Silver Big Round Floating LocketSS10  Stainless Steel Silver Big Round Floating LocketSS10  Stainless Steel Silver Big Round Floating LocketSS10  Stainless Steel Silver Big Round Floating Locket

Alloy Floating Living Lockets
Alloy Floating Living Lockets


Monday May 2nd

We offer big discounts for customers who order 12 each of our alloy lockets, necklaces, and locket charms. We also want to share some love with our those who just need 1 locket and necklace and so grab a locket and necklace pair below for just $6.88 for a limited time!


Alloy Locket Necklaces
Alloy Floating Living Lockets
Alloy Locket Necklaces


Monday May 2nd

Better than a box of chocolate for your wife or Mom on this Mother's Day our limited edition stainless steel chocolate color lockets are just $4.88 in any quantity while they last. We have these styles still available in the magnetic lockets:

SE10 Stainless Steel Chocolate Big Round LocketSE20 Stainless Steel Chocolate Medium Round LocketSE21 Stainless Steel Chocolate CZ Medium Round LocketSS30  Stainless Steel Silver Heart Floating LocketSS30  Stainless Steel Silver Heart Floating LocketSE92  Stainless Steel Chocolate Curvy  Heart Floating Locket

And these styles of twist lockets are still in stock:

SE10 Stainless Steel Chocolate Big Round LocketSE20 Stainless Steel Chocolate Medium Round LocketSE21 Stainless Steel Chocolate CZ Medium Round Locket

Thursday April 28th

New locket sets with locket dividers available just in time for Mother's Day ordering. Choose 3, 4, or 5 charms from our birthstones or our mother or flower charms and create a custom gift. Starting at $8 for the set and this week we'll include a gift box too! Click here.

Floating Locket Set For Mother's DayMother's Day Floating Locket SetFloating Locket Set with Divider for Mothers DayLocket with Divider

Wednesday April 6th

Our ITALIAN CHARM PHOTO FLAGS continue to sell well and right now we have them on sale for under $2 each with no minimum and as low as 89¢ each in larger quantities. Choose from over 200 countries and themes here!

Australia Flag Italian Charm Austria Flag Italian Charm Bolivia Flag Italian CharmRed Cross Flag Italian CharmCanada Flag Italian CharmDenmark Flag Italian CharmEgypt Flag Italian CharmIceland Flag Italian CharmGhana Flag Italian CharmMoldova Flag Italian CharmOlympic Flag Italian Charm

Monday April 4th

Happy April! Spring is here and we are having a special on our snap charms. ALL of our stock snap charms are at 99¢ each by the dozen except locket snaps. The 99¢ each pricing INCLUDES our most ornate and detailed charms shown below. For those who need individual charms our pricing changed from $3.99 on individual snaps to just $2.99 each. See all of our snaps here.

GS105 Blue Floral Firework Snap CharmGS127 Wanderlust Pink Snap CharmGS131 Yellow CZ Daisies Snap CharmGS341 Orange Princess Flower Snap CharmGS108 Decorative Turquoise Snap CharmGS101 Sonata Pink And Red Snap Charm
GS505 Red CZ Heart Snap CharmH7886 Blonde Baby Girl Floating Locket CharmGS324 Bling Basketball Snap CharmGS401-2 Vintage Swirl Brithstone February Snap CharmGS402-12 Firework Birthstone DecemberSnap CharmGS507 CZ Smile Face Snap Charm

Wednesday March 30th

Our colorful enamel TWIST lockets in stainless steel are a great way to bring in some Spring color and now are at a lower price too!

EP10 Pink Enamel Stainless Steel EU10 Blue Enamel Stainless Steel EG10 Green Enamel Stainless Steel Big Round Locket EW10 White Enamel Stainless Steel Big Round LocketED10 Red Enamel Stainless Steel

Good Friday March 25th

We have added to our recycled made in Africa jewelry line. In addition to our flip flop bracelets we now are featuring our new Recycled Bangle Bracelets. They are handmade in Mail and Burkina Faso in West Africa using materials from floor mats and other recycled products. You can choose them individually to make your own assortment. (For larger quantity ordering conact us.)

African Recycled Bangle Bracelets Made from Floor MatsAfrican Recycled Bangle Bracelets Made from Floor MatsAfrican Recycled Bangle Bracelets Made from Floor MatsAfrican Recycled Bangle Bracelets Made from Floor Mats

Thursday March 24th

LOCKET DIVIDERS HAVE ARRIVED by popular request from some of our best customers here they are at a great price!

DR900 Silver BIG Handwritten Family Disk

Saturday March 12

These great new snap charms just came in. Check out all of our snap charms here.

GS519 Purple Ribbon Snap Charm GS520 Yellow Ribbon Snap Charm GS521 Teal Ribbon Snap Charm GS516 Football Mom Snap Charm GS517 Basketball Mom Snap Charm GS518 Soccer Mom Snap Charm

Wednesday March 9th

GS151 Regal Pink Snap CharmNearly all of our snap charms are in stock, including these top sellers:
GS114 Enamel Pink Rose Snap CharmGS131 Yellow CZ Daisies Snap Charm
H7886 Blonde Baby Girl Floating Locket CharmGS151 Regal Pink Snap Charm

Wednesday February 17

We hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day and we are looking forward to more holidays including Saint Patricks Day as well as Easter. And of course that means spring will be ushering in the flowers. We celebrate these moments with our charms!

See our St Pat's, Easter, bunny, and flower locket charms...
And our Italian charms in Irish, Easter, and flower themes!
H9109 Leprechaun Floating Locket Charm
3512 Four Leaf Clover With Stones Floating Locket Charm
H7789 Leprechaun Hat Floating Locket Charm
H7988 Lucky Clover Floating Locket Charm
H7532 Green Clover Floating Locket Charm
Green Hat with Pipe
Happy St. Pat's
Lucky Green Hat with Gltter Italian Charm
Kiss Me...I'm Irish
Clover and Leprechaun
H7631 Blue Easter Egg Floating Locket Charm
H7638 Easter Basket Floating Locket Charm
H1562 Easter Egg Basket Floating Locket Charm
H6240 Pastel Easter Egg Floating Locket Charm
H7973 Colorful Easter Egg Floating Locket Charm
Easter Eggs in Grass Italian Charm
Jesus with Cross Italian Charm
He is Risen INDEED Italian Charm
Basket of Easter Eggs Italian Charm Happy Easter Italian Charm
H6241 Pink Bunny Floating Locket Charm
H8240 White Bunny Silver Trim Floating Locket Charms
H1433s Happy Bunny Rabbit Silver Trim Floating Locket Charm
H6236 Cute Rabbit Floating Locket Charm
H7634 Rabbit Face Floating Locket Charm
Chick Italian Charm
Hopping Bunny Italian Charm
Chick with Egg Italian Charm
Bunny Painting Eggs Italian Charm
Chicks with Bonnets Italian Charm
H7660 Daisy Flower Floating Locket Charm H8228 Flower Bouquet Floating Locket Charm H9108 Purple Tulip Floating Locket Charm H7926 Big White Daisy Floating Locket Charm H9715 Flowers Floating Locket Charm   Pink Tulip Italian Charm Field of Flowers Italian Charm Red Flower on Blue Italian Charm Yellow Rose Italian Charm Tulip Plant Italian Charm

Tuesday February 9th

Our alloy lobster claw necklaces are great sellers. Some of our best customers have recently said that they could use shorter length versions to offer their customers. So we have added a 20" medium loop necklace and a 22" open heart necklace to our offerings. Each is available in silver, gold, rose gold, and black. And all have a 2" extension.

31" Medium Loop Necklace
Medium Loop Necklace
20 22": silver, gold, rose gold, black
31": silver
, gold, rose gold, black
31" Open Heart Necklace
Open Heart Necklace

22 24": silver, gold, rose gold, black
31": silver
, gold, rose gold, black

And on our other style of necklace (the through the loop type) we have lowered the prices so they are all under $4 individually and they are just $1.99 each in dozes. Plus while they last we have the military ball chains available in gold and rose gold as low as 99 cents each.

Friday January 29th

What a deal clearance locket charms just 79¢ each individually and just 25¢ each when you buy dozens. See all 100+ of them here.

H7676 Brown Horse Head Floating Locket Charm (clearance)X1026 Big Black Whale Floating Locket Charm (clearance)X1028 Cute Cow Floating Locket Charm (clearance)Black Triangle Floating Locket Charm (clearance)August Checkerboard Heart Floating Locket Charm (clearance)May Girl Floating Locket Charm (clearance)H1688 Shiny Pineapple Floating Locket Charm (clearance)H9065pink Star with Pink Stones Floating Locket Charm (clearance)
H7523 Lipstick Circle Floating Locket Charm (clearance)H7935 Cross In Black Circle Floating Locket Charm (clearance)H7094 Blue Ribbon Floating Locket Charm (clearance)H7082 Gold Peace Sign Floating Locket Charm (clearance)H6130 Big Silver Wheelchair Floating Locket Charm (clearance)H6129 Big Horse Shoe With Red Stones Floating Locket Charm (clearance)H7509 Big Pink Flower Floating Locket Charm (clearance)H7905 Big Pink Soccer Ball Floating Locket Charm (clearance)H7508 Big Blue Ribbon Floating Locket Charm (clearance)

Wednesday January 27th

Don't miss our love inspired lockets below for some great Valentines Day ideas. Let us know which one is your favorite on our facebook page for your chance to win the one you love. Then be sure to visit our whole page of LOVE locket charms which are now on sale.

Love and Heart Valentines Day Floating Lockets

Friday January 22nd


Order stock items through this site from Jan 22 25 and we will send you a rebate based on your pre shipping order amount. Refund amounts are as follows: 5% on $50 | 8% on $100 | 10% on 150 | 12% on $250 | 15% on $500

Since only custom items are exlcuded you have a ton of products to choose from including floating lockets and charms, Italian charms, USA made bangle bracelets, our hot new snap charms, a large selection of purse hangers. All refunds will be processed by February 2nd. Have fun shopping!!

Saturday January 16th

Be sure to check out all of our USA made bangle bracelets including new options for our letter bracelets.
Custom Bangle Bracelet with Letters

Tuesday January 12

Thank you to those of you who stocked up during our Winter mid week specials! We love that you love our love themed items below :)

H6200 Red Handwritten Love Floating Locket CharmH7972 I Love You Postcard Floating Locket CharmH7799 I Love U Colorful Floating Locket CharmH6535 Infinity Silver With Stones Floating Locket CharmH7805 I Love You Banner Heart Floating Locket CharmH5009 Silver Ring With Stone Floating Locket CharmH7782 Colorful XOXO Floating Locket CharmH8136 Love On Black Floating Locket CharmH1556 Red Heart Lock Floating Locket CharmH4031 Decorative Heart Floating Locket CharmH7059 Red Heart Stone Floating Locket Charm
CT1049 Double Red Heart Italian CharmBe Mine on Pink with Glitter Italian CharmCT3057 Rainbow on Heart Italian CharmTrue Love on Red Heart with Glitter Italian CharmBe MineHeart with FlameI Love YouAll You Need Is Love Italian CharmLove on Pink Heart Red Heart and White RoseAll My (Love/Heart)
RED HAT PURSE HANGEREH54002 Pink Heart Everything HolderEH54004 Stones Around Silver Heart Everything HolderPH9028 Love Heart Foldable Purse HangerRED HEARTS FOLDABLE PURSE HANGER

Clear Disks Plates for Floating LocketsAlso check these out our clear glass locket disks are a great solution to see through your locket while keeping your charms from overlapping. Additionally, you can keep your charms in place if desired by using small glue dots on these disks. You can see and buy them on our disk page.

They are available for our big (30mm) round lockets and our medium (25mm) round lockets and work with our stainless steel twist lockets, stainless steel magnetic lockets, and our alloy lockets too.
DR900 Silver BIG Handwritten Family DiskDR900 Silver BIG Handwritten Family Disk

Monday January 11th

We are welcoming in the new year and looking forward to Valentines Day too with great custom phone cases and special deals too!

Custom Engraved Wood Phone Cases for iPhone

Custom phone cases now available for:

iphone (5s, 6/6s, 6s plus)
Samsung (S5, S6, S6 edge)

They make a perfect gift and we
are offering them at a special price
for a limited time. Click here.

Custom image wood phone case

Be sure to check this page regularly to see our new Italian Charms, Snap Charms, Locket Charms, and more. We carry enamel charms and locket charms too as well as starter bracelets and accessories like watches nad purse hangers. thank you for visiting and have a charming day!
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