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January Update

Here are the Italian Charms which have come back in stock recently - click on them to find them - generally at the bottom of each page :)

CT1441 Cross on Stained Glass Window Italian Charm
CT1016 Nail Polish Italian CharmCT1020 Dolphin Fish Italian CharmCT1041y Ribbon in Yellow Italian CharmCT1140 I Love My Dad Italian CharmCT1160g Green Coffee Cup Italian CharmCT1284 Cute Frog Italian CharmCT1397r Rose on Red Heart Italian CharmCT1399p Sister on Purple Heart Italian CharmCT1399r Sister on Red Heart Italian Charm
CT1604 Clover Italian CharmCT1610 Star and Moon Italian CharmCT1700 Clover and Hat Italian CharmCT1720W Unicorn in White Italian CharmCT1921 Wine Glass Italian CharmCT1960 Margarita Drink Italian CharmCT1961 I Lvoe Jesus Italian CharmCT3057 Rainbow Heart Italian CharmCT3168 Last Supper Superlink Italian CharmCT3186 Ghost Flying Italian Charm
CT3255 Hamburger Italian CharmCT3272 Got Sand? Italian CharmCT3382 Daddy's Angel on Pink Italian CharmCT3347 Cherries Italian CharmCT3398 Snowflake Italian CharmCT3452 Terrier Dog Italian CharmCT3524 Bowling Ball and Pins Italian CharmCT3531 I Love Hockey Italian CharmCT3612 Designer Purse Italian CharmCT3803 Screw You Italian CharmCT3727 Native American Italian Charm
CT3718 California Italian CharmCT3820 Alaska Italian Charm CT3829 Florida Italian CharmCT3904 Walk with God Italian CharmCT3919 Follow Your Dreams CharmCT3954 A Token of Love Italian CharmCT3969 I'm a Survivor Italian CharmCT3973 Hope Pink Ribbon Italian CharmCT3990 Christmas Tree and Ornaments Italian CharmCT4042k Drama Masks on Black Italian CharmCT4254 Rosary Beads Italian Charm
CT4376 Piano Keys Italian CharmCT4392 Drum Set Italian CharmCT4516 Sunflowers Italian CharmCT4364 New Baby Boy Italian CharmCT4358 Night Owl Italian CharmCT4356 Love Bug Italian CharmCT4273 Wrapped Present Gift Box Italian CharmCT4301 Santa Headed Down Chimney Italian CharmCT4308 Decorated Holiday Christmas Tree Italian CharmCT4309 Santa North Pole Italian CharmCT1697 Bible with Cross Italian Charm
CT4267 Kangaroo Italian Charm
CT4192 Simply the Best Mom Italian CharmCT4193 Cactus and Sky Italian CharmCT4204 Dog Is My Co-Pilot Italian CharmCT4209 Dog Lover Dogbone Italian CharmCT4210w Dog Bone Clear Stones Italian CharmCT4211 Teddy Bear with Flag Italian CharmCT4215 Happy 4th Italian CharmCT4237 Tickled Pink Italian CharmCT4257 Love Me Love My Cat Italian CharmCT4258 Love Me Love My Dog Italian Charm
CT4189 Bride To Be Italian CharmCT4186 Army Mom Italian CharmCT4131 Best Friend Italian CharmCT4150 Coffee Lover Double Cups Italian CharmCT4156 Coffee Lover Wide Cup Italian CharmCT4154 Grandma Mom Daughter Italian CharmCT4044 Bird Pattern Italian CharmCT4049 I Love the Mall Italian CharmCT4068 I Love Family Italian CharmCT4073 In Memory of my Dog Italian CharmCT4085 With Love Italian Charm
CT3899 Mom Daughter Hearts Italian CharmCT3909 There is Hope Italian CharmCT3917 Expect Miracles Italian CharmCT3918 Peace Be With You Italian CharmCT3913 I Love Diet Coke Italian CharmCT3395 Big Sis Lil Sis Double Italian CharmCT3920 First My Mother Forever My Friend Double Italian CharmCT6542 Handcuffs Italian CharmCT3886 God Loves You l Italian Charm
CT3975 Proud Parent of a Marine CharmCT3990 Christmas Tree with Presents Italian CharmCT3980 Flag of South Africa Italian CharmMommy's Lil Angel Italian CharmCT4014 Celebrate Italian CharmCT4015 USA Flag on Dove with Olive Branch Italian CharmCT4031 Candy Cane with Bow Italian CharmCT3903 I Love Garage Sales Italian CharmCT3906 You R Blessed Italian CharmCT1403 Killer Whale Italian CharmCT3905 I Carried you Italian Charm
CT3062 Watermelon Italian CharmCT3658 Trinity Symbol Italian CharmCT3709 Angel Heart with Wings Italian CharmCT3798 Chinese Take Out Food Container Italian CharmCT3806 Sand Dollar Italian CharmCT3808 Robin Bird Red Chest Italian CharmCT3811 I Love My Kids Italian CharmCT3819 Alabama Italian CharmCT3827 Ohio Italian CharmCT4026 Snowman Italian CharmCT4098 Bee Happy Italian Charm
CT3641 Fairy Light Purple Italian CharmCT3646 Fairy in Green Italian CharmCT3648 Fairy Blue Wings Italian CharmCT3602 Marine Wife Italian CharmCT3625db Lake Havasu Dark Blue Italian CharmCT3625lb Lake Havasu Light Blue Italian CharmCT3590 Fire Fighter Italian CharmCT3581 Happy Mother's Day Italian CharmCT3583 We Love You Mom Italian CharmCT3884 Army Nurse Corps Association Italian CharmCT4097 Beach Babe Italian Charm
CT3502 Flowers on Heart Italian CharmCT3541 Brown Horse Head White Stripe Italian CharmCT3544 I Love My Goddaughter Italian CharmCT3546 Heart with Stone Italian CharmCT3549 Happy Valentine's Day Italian CharmCT3550 Love on Pink Heart Italian CharmCT3555 He Is Risen Italian CharmCT3355 Bride and Groom Dancing Italian CharmCT1452 Monkey Lounging Italian CharmCT3219 Daddy's Girl Italian CharmCT3205 Hot Air Balloons Italian Charm
CT3487 Love My Girls Italian Charm
CT3496 I Love Myrtle Beach Italian CharmCT3457r Rose in Red Italian CharmCT3461 Gone Fishin Italian CharmCT3482 Love My Car Italian CharmCT3485 Love to Run Italian CharmCT3021 Bicycle Italian CharmCT3081 Mommy's Princess Italian CharmCT3455 Black Horse Italian CharmCT9084 Mendocino with Whale Tail Italian CharmCT1420 Tinkerbell Fairy Flying Italian Charm
CT3400 Flag of British ColumbiaCT3409 Flag of QuebecCT3417 Reindeer Rudolph Italian CharmCT3421b Surfboard in Blue Italian CharmCT3429 Firefighter Tools Hat and Axes Italian CharmCT3357 Wine and Cheese Italian CharmCT3323 One Dollar Bill Italian CharmCA9374 Cat Lover on Purple Italian CharmCT9457 Cat Lover on Pink Italian CharmCT3520 Spike Volleyball Italian Charm
CT3221 Laptop Computer Italian CharmCT3235 Patchwork Heart Italian CharmCT3236 Striped Heart Italian CharmCT3274 You Are My Sunshine Italian CharmCT3271 Cute Cat Face Italian CharmCT3304 Elephant Gold Outline Italian CharmCT3304k Elephant Black Outline Italian CharmCT3312 Stork Bird Sitting on Post Italian CharmCT3383n Mommy's Angel on Pink Italian CharmCT1568 I Love My Grandson Italian CharmCT1653 I Love My Daughter on Red Italian Charm
CT1606 Snowman Double Charm Italian CharmCT1606 Snowman Double Charm Italian CharmCT3350 Santa with Sack fof Toys Italian CharmCT3351 Leprechaun Smiling Italian Charm CT3206 Airplane in Flight Italian CharmCT1220 Cool Star with Sunglasses Italian CharmCT1976bw Grandpa Dark Blue Heart Italian Charm
CT3103 Jesus First Italian CharmCT3124 Smiling Santa Italian CharmCT3133 Santa with Red Hat Italian CharmCT3159 Faith Italian CharmCT3161 Hope Italian CharmCT3162 Love Italian CharmCT3192w Owl in White Italian CharmCT3016 One Nation Under God Superlink Italian CharmCT6173 Speed Racer Italian CharmCT3382b Daddy's Angel on Blue Italian Charm
CT1988 Painters Paint Pallet Italian CharmCT2001 Movie Clapper Board And Action Italian CharmCT2008db Daughter on Dark Blue Heart Italian CharmCT2008lb Daughter on Light Blue Heart Italian CharmCT2008n Daughter on Pink Heart Italian CharmCT3004 Sunflower Yellow Italian CharmCT3013 Air Force Wife Italian CharmCT3010 Army Wife Italian CharmCT3089 Black And White Masquerade Mask Italian CharmCT3087 Red White and Blue Bling Heart Italian CharmCT3433 Safari Sunset Under Tree Italian Charm
CT3030 Tennis Italian CharmCT3039 Cat Looking in Fishbowl Italian CharmCT3045w Cake with Candles in White Italian CharmCT3064 Princess with Crown Italian CharmCT3066w White Dragonfly Italian CharmCT3074 Love My Special Granddaughter Italian CharmCT3075 My Special Granddaughter I Love You Italian CharmCT3202 Tent Camping Italian Charm CT1568 I Love My Grandson Italian CharmCT1626nw Mom on Pink Heart Italian CharmCT1104 State of Texas Red White Blue Italian Charm
CT1525 Momma Italian CharmCT1606 Snowman Double Charm Italian CharmCT1626 Mom on Red Heart Italian CharmCT1624 Sis on Red Heart Italian CharmCT1625 Wife on Red Heart Italian CharmCT1635 Cooking on Red Heart Italian CharmCT1637 Dance on Red Heart Italian CharmCT1651 Daughter on Red Heart Italian CharmCT1602green Butterfly in Green Italian CharmCT1602blue Butterfly in Blue Italian Charm
CT1537 Luv You Red Heart Italian CharmCT1547 Flag of Belgium Italian CharmCT1551 Flag of Canada Italian CharmCT1566 Flag of Italy Italian CharmCT1567 Flag of Belgium Italian CharmCT1568 Flag of Japan Italian CharmCT1589 Flag of California Italian CharmCT1590 Flag of Florida Italian CharmCT1592 Flag of Hawaii Italian CharmCT3002r Rose in Red Italian CharmCT3002p Rose in Pink Italian Charm
CT9074 Royal Flush Playing Cards Italian CharmCT1283 Beagle Dog Face Italian CharmCT1313 Chihuahua Puppy Dog Italian CharmCT1313 Butterfly on Gold Italian CharmCT1320 Furry Cat Face Italian CharmCT1398r Grandkids on Red Heart Italian CharmCT1399p Sister on Purple Heart Italian CharmCT1399r Sister on Red Heart Italian CharmCT1419 Best Friend Blue Heart Italian CharmCT1508 College Girl Italian CharmCT1895 All My Love Italian Charm
CT1223 Horse Shoe Horseshoe Italian CharmCT1241 Dog in Gold Italian CharmCT1243 Gold Foot Italian CharmCT1186r Dance on Red Italian CharmCT1186b Dance on Blue Italian CharmCT1189r Sweet Heart on Red Italian CharmCT1101 I Love My Son Italian CharmCT1146 Number One Sister on Pink Italian CharmCT1144 I Love My Kids on Blue Italian CharmCT1149 I Love My Dad on Red Italian CharmCT1150 I Love My Grandma on Red Italian Charm
CL2082 Flag of Alaska Italian CharmCL1078b Heart in Blue Italian CharmCL1078n Heart in Pink Italian CharmCL1078r Heart in Red Italian CharmCL2107 Flag of Pennsylvania Italian CharmCL2122 Birthday Cake with Candles Italian CharmCT1004 Pit Bull Italian CharmCT1057 Anchor in Blue Italian CharmCT1073 Tropical Bird Italian CharmCT1083 Horse Running Italian CharmCT1215k Pretty Cat in Black Italian Charm
CT9130 Equestrian Horse Riding Italian CharmCT9097 Rodeo Mom on Purple Italian CharmCT6190 Care Bear Blue Italian CharmCT6194 Care Bear Pink Glitter Italian CharmCT6191 Care Bear Pink Italian CharmCT6198 Care Bear Purple Italian CharmCT1157 Crown Italian CharmCT1161 Red Heart Italian CharmCT1172 Big Boat Ship Italian CharmCT1179 Honeymoon Italian Charm CT6604 Elvis on White Italian Charm
CT9279 Kitten Black Italian CharmCT9060 Daughter with Flowers Italian CharmCT9053 I Love My Cousins Red Heart Italian CharmCT6583 Sister in Law on Pink Italian CharmCT6583 Sister in Law on Red Italian CharmCT9016 Grand Kids Italian CharmCT9142 Windmill Italian CharmCT9156 I Love Las Vegas Italian CharmCT9080 Las Vegas Casino with Fountain Italian CharmCT1097 Mermaid Italian CharmCT1212 Pink Butterfly Italian Charm
CT1608 Aunt on Red Heart Italian Charm
CT1830K Black Horse Head Italian CharmCT1830W White Horse Head Italian CharmCT2008r Daughter on Red Heart Italian CharmCT1657 I Love My Grandkids Italian CharmCT1536 Love You Mom Italian CharmCT4082 Cat Outline on Black Italian CharmCT1014 Red Electric Guitar Italian CharmCT1788 Eye Italian CharmCT1400 Frog Prince Italian CharmCT1208 Beer Mug Italian Charm
CT9009 Mom on Red Heart Italian CharmCT3686 In Memory of my Grandparents Italian CharmCT9462 Mom with Hearts on Purple Italian Charm CT9133 Lord of the Rings Italian CharmCT9450 Unicorn with Rainbow Italian Charm CT9183 Panda Eating Bamboo Italian CharmCT9184 Pair of Beagle Dogs Italian CharmC048r Red Rose Italian CharmC048w White Rose Italian CharmC048y Yellow Rose Italian CharmCT1195 Purple Hearts Italian Charm
CT9478 I Love Hockey on Purple Italian CharmCT1399 Sister Purple Heart Italian CharmCT9737 Yoga on Pink Italian CharmC056red Cross with Red Stones Italian Charm T668 Clear Stone Mouse Ears Silver Trim Italian CharmT669 Clear Stone Mouse Ears Gold Trim Italian Charm C057-3 Blue and White Mouse Ears Italian Charm C057-1 Green and Black Mouse Ears Italian Charm CT1251 Love in Red on Gold Italian CharmCT1255 Motorcycle Italian CharmCT1022 Saxophone Italian Charm
CT1692h Flip Flop Dark Pink with Blue Italian CharmCT1692g Flip FLop Green with Pink Italian CharmCT1692d Flip Flop Pink with Yellow Italian CharmCT1692b Flip Flop Blue with Pink Italian Charm CT1679 Green Snake Italian CharmCT1701 Rainbow Flag Glitter Italian CharmCT1722 Black Dragon Triple Italian CharmCT1832 Dance or Ballet Shoes Italian CharmCT4200 Country Girl Italian Charm
CT1793 Violin or Fiddle Italian CharmCT1812 Flag of Kuwait Italian CharmCT1816 Number 30 Italian CharmCT1821 Electric Guitar Italian CharmCT1824 Ireland Flag with Stones Italian Charm CT1836 Grapes and Wine Italian CharmCT1865 Rower Rowing Italian CharmCT1922 Cheers Wine or Champagne Glasses Italian CharmCT1927 Eight Ball 8-Ball Italian CharmCT3374 Cards for Game of BlackjackCT1938 Playing Cards Ace and Jack Italian Charm
CT1975bk My Kids in Black on Blue Heart Italian CharmCT1976nk Grandpa in Black on Pink Heart Italian CharmCT1976bk Grandpa in Black on Blue Heart Italian Charm CT1977bw Grandma in White on Blue Heart Italian CharmCT1977lk Grandma in Black on Light Blue Heart Italian CharmCT1977nk Grandma in Black on Pink Heart Heart Italian CharmCT1978bw Best Mom in White on Blue Italian CharmCT1918 Stars and Planet with Ring Italian CharmCT1974nw Niece in White on Pink HeartItalian CharmCT1929 Hummingbird Italian CharmCT1859 Race Car Number 23 Italian Charm
CT1891 Daddy's Girl Italian Charm CT1853 Gray Wolf or Dog Italian CharmCT1842 Swimming Fish Italian CharmCT1848 Panda Bear with Bamboo Italian CharmCT3923w Golden Gate Bridge Italian CharmCT3687 I Love Strawberries Italian CharmCT3607 We will Miss You Italian CharmCT1902 Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Italian CharmCT1903 Veteran with Flag Italian CharmCT1911 Nurse Hat in White Italian Charm CT1395 Tiger Italian Charm
CT1084 Dragon Triple Italian Charm CT1075pink Best on Pink Heart Italian CharmCT1081pink Friend on Pink Heart Italian CharmCT1081blue Friend on Blue Heart Italian CharmCT1009 Penguin Italian CharmCT9063 Tropical Fish in Sea or Aquarium Italian CharmCT1096 Flamingo Italian CharmCT1896 Support Our TroopsItalian CharmCT4064 Camera Italian Charm
CT3370 God is Love Italian CharmCT1054 Baseball Italian CharmCT1636 Family on Red Heart Italian Charm CT1196 Dice Board Game Casino Die Italian Charm CT3682 In Memory of my Brother Italian Charm CT9075 California Sea Lion Italian CharmCT3225 Special Teacher Italian Charm CT1389 Smile Emoji with Magic Wand Italian Charm CT9770 Football Mom on Red Italian Charm CT1205 Panda Bear Walking Italian CharmCT1795 Masquerade Mask Italian Charm
CT3202 Tent Camping Italian CharmCT1904 Air Force Italian CharmCT1755y VW Bug in Yellow Italian CharmCT6508 RV White Italian CharmCT4131 Best Friend Italian CharmCT3097 Caring Mother Italian CharmCT3915 Love One Another Italian CharmCT1508 College Girl White Background Italian CharmCT3614 Army National Guard Italian CharmCT1743 Pirate Hat Italian CharmCT1319 Mastercard Italian Charm
CT1986 Ping Pong Italian CharmCT3398 Snowflake Italian Charm CT4206 Small Dog in Purse Italian CharmCT3931 In Memory of My Mom Italian CharmCT3715 Cancer Survivor Italian CharmCT1181 Pineapple Italian CharmCT1272white Horse in White Italian CharmCT1272black Horse in Black Italian CharmCT1650 Number One Daughter Heart Italian Charm CT1278 Black and White Cats Italian CharmCT1602pink Butterfly in Pink Italian Charm
CT5099 Mega Tropical Flower Italian Charm CT5126 Mega Patriotic Star Italian CharmCT5114 Mega Fire Fighter Italian CharmCT5129 Patriotic Ribbon Mega Italian CharmCT1602purple Butterfly in Purple Italian Charm
CT5002 Mega Relax God's in Charge Italian CharmCT5002 Relax God's in Charge Italian CharmCT5021 Mega Support our Troops Italian CharmCT5035 Mega Green Fairy Italian CharmCT5097 Mega Statue of Buddha Italian CharmCT1008 Electric Guitar Italian Charm
CT5116 Mega US Navy Italian CharmCT5121 Mega US National Guard Italian CharmCT5122 Mega US Department of Homeland Security Italian CharmCT5131 Mega US Marine Corps Italian CharmCT5115 Mega US Navy Italian Charm
CT5105 Desert Mountain Mega Italian CharmCT5104 The West Mega Italian CharmCT5107 Forest Rock Mountain Mega Italian Charm CT5211 Jesus Stained Glass Mega Italian CharmCT5210 Cutting Horse Mega Italian Charm
CT1465 USA Patriotic Flag Dangle Italian CharmCT1279blue Dangle Charm Bug in Blue Italian CharmCT1481purple My Girl Dangle Purple Italian CharmCT1482pink You and Me Dangle Pink Italian CharmCT1482purple You and Me Dangle Purple Italian CharmCT1484purple Hug Me Dangle Purple Italian CharmCT1485purple Be Mine Dangle Purple Italian CharmCT1486purple Smile Dangle Purple Italian CharmCT1487purple Miss You Dangle Purple Italian Charm

And these locket charms are in stock too:

H1006 Love with Heart Floating Locket CharmH1007 Simple Heart Floating Locket CharmH1008s Bible in Silver Floating Locket CharmH1008 Rounded Star Floating Locket CharmH1017 Lipstick Floating Locket CharmH1019bs Blue Purse on Silver Floating Locket CharmH1019bg Blue Purse on Gold Floating Locket CharmH1019ps Pink Purse on Silver Locket CharmHS1016pg Pink Purse on Gold Floating Locket Charm




Saturday November 26

Build your own 12-days-of-Christmas Advent Calendar. Or buy 2 and have a full 24 day extravaganza. Here's what you do...

First, buy the box set below which includes a bracelet or necklace for just $5. Then, visit our dangle pages and use the drop down menus to choose the "mix and match" pricing of just 98 cents per charm and order the 12 charms you need. See dangle charm options here.

If you want to do a full 24 pieces you can repeat the process and do 1 set with a necklace and 1 set with a bracelet if you want :)

Advent Set
Set including Necklace or Bracelet plus box with 12 gift spots

$5.00 each

enamel danglesDog Dangle Charms
enamel dangle charmsMetal Dangle Charms


Saturday November 19

Our heart keychains are on sale for just $1 right now and no minimum quantity required. Click here.

Heart Italian Charm Keychains on Sale
Saturday November 19

Look for wholesale-priced groups of Italian charms on our new SETS page.

Mix 103 Set of 100 Enamel Italian CharmsMix 104 Set of 90 Dog Italian Charms
Mix 107 Set of 60 Enamel Italian CharmsMix 105 Set of 10 Nativity Italian Charms


Friday November 18

In addition to our Italian Charm starter bracelet sale (below) we now have our keychains under $2 and some under $1 each. Click here.

Starter Keychain with Two LoopsStarter Keychain with Strap (connect to virtually any bag or anything)
Starter Keychain with Hook (lobster claw style)


Tuesday November 15

Classic purse hangers keep your bag up off the dirty floor and are a great gift idea at under $2 each!! See them here.

Paw Print Purse HangerMom with Rose Purse HangerPC5013 Fire Fighter Purse HangerPC5030 Chihuahua Purse Hanger
Friday November 11

Tons of new and back-in-stock Italian Charm starter bracelets starting at just $1 each. See a few below and click here to shop.

Midnight Color Starter BraceletDark Blue Center Starter BraceletGold Circle Starter BraceletMood Starter Bracelet
Superlink Dogbone Mood Starter BraceletSuperlink Brushed Starter BraceletDark Blue Heart Starter BraceletDark Green Center Starter Bracelet
Smile Starter BraceletGreen Palm Tree Starter BraceletGold Trim Shiny Starter BraceletRed Cross Starter Bracelet

And MEGA (double size 18mm) starter bracelets at $1 each too. Click here.

Our 13mm Starter bracelets wanted to get in on the action - just $1 each. Click here.

13mm Starter Bracelet (Brushed, 18 links)13mm Starter Bracelet (Brushed, 18 links)


Thursday November 10

New Italian Charm watches at a great price. To see ALL of our styles click here.

WW401black Black Square Bling Italian Charm Watch
WW401black Black Square Bling Italian Charm Watch
WW401red Red Square Bling Italian Charm Watch
WW401red Red Square Bling Italian Charm Watch

WG104lavender Lavender Rectangle Italian Charm Watch Gold Color Trim
WG104white White Rectangle Italian Charm Watch Gold Color Trim


Tuesday November 8

Ok - the VERY best price ever on lockets. Our classic lockets swivel open and have a backing to them (rather than glass in the back) and are on closeout pricing at 2 lockets for a dollar while they last.

MH1003 Classic Locket Bracelet
MH1001 Classic Locket Chain Necklace
MH1005 Classic Locket Rope Necklace
MH1006 Classic Locket Hook Keychain
MH1003 Classic Locket Bracelet
MH1001 Classic Locket Chain Necklace
MH1005 Classic Locket Rope Necklace
MH1006 Classic Locket Hook Keychain

Just $1 for 2

Just $1 for 2

Just $1 for 2

Just $1 for 2

Here is a pic with the whole necklace:Full Necklace View of MH1001 Classic Locket Chain Necklace
Here is a pic with the whole necklace:
Full Necklace View of MH1005 Classic Locket Rope Necklace


Saturday November 5

Best price EVER on a locket - we have some overstock so you can grab this heart locket with a keychain for $1 !!!

AS02 Floating Locket Cross Shaped with NecklaceAS02 Floating Locket Cross Shaped with Necklace
AS92keychain Curvy Heart Locket with Keychain

Just $1 each

Buy 10 for $8.88


Friday October 28

Clearance photo charms - just 29 cents each in any quantity! Click here to see them.

X079 Peace Sign US Flag Italian Charm
X054 Graduation Cap Black 2009 Italian Charm X055 Graduation Cap Blue 2010Italian Charm
X056 Graduation Cap Black 2010 Italian Charm
X079 Peace Sign US Flag Italian Charm
X073 Princess Crown Italian Charm
X053 Apache Junction Italian Charm
X050 Arizona Italian Charm
X104 High School Musical Italian Charm
X031 In Memory of my Brother Italian Charm
X098 Princess and the Frog Italian Charm
X033 Three Crosses Italian Charm
X097 Madagascar Italian Charm
X049 Golden Gate Bridge Italian Charm
X042 Allergic to Bee Sting Italian Charm X089 Morphine Italian Charm X086 Allergic to Nuts Italian Charm X085 Allergic to Gluten Italian Charm X077 Love My Mom Italian Charm X034 Asthma Italian Charm



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