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Tuesday January 17th

We have another 5 purse hangers to add to our exensive selection. See all of our designs here.

PH9057 Tropical Beach Foldable Purse HangerPH9058 Rose Foldable Purse HangerPH9059 Cherry Blossoms Foldable Purse HangerPH9060 Apple Blossoms Foldable Purse HangerPH9061 Daffodil Foldable Purse Hanger


Sunday January 15th

Check out some great new and redesigned SNAP charms...

GS522 I Love You Snap CharmGS523 Baseball Snap CharmGS524 Handwritten Love Snap CharmGS525 Golf Club and Ball Snap CharmGS526 RN Registered Nurse Snap CharmGS527 Love Dance Snap Charm
GS645 Pearly Burst Snap CharmGS647 Blue Orbit Snap CharmGS646 Swirl Blue Flower Snap CharmGS531 Basketball Snap CharmGS532 Bicycle Snap CharmGS533 Christmas Tree Snap Charm


Friday January 13th, 2017

Good luck for locket shoppers on this Friday the 13th - reduced prices on ALL stainless steel lockets. And instead of requiring 36 pieces to grab our lowest price now you can get our best values on lockets by the dozen. Plus while they last the "chocolate" colored lockets are just $4.88 in any quantity! Here are some pictures of our magnetic lockets:

SS10  Stainless Steel Silver Big Round Floating LocketStainless Steel Silver Black Ice CZ Big Round LocketSS30  Stainless Steel Silver Heart Floating LocketSS79 Stainless Steel Silver SE21 Stainless Steel Chocolate CZ Medium Round Locket

This also includes our stainless steel twist lockets. These beautiful, secure lockets are at an incredible value. Here are some designs:

Stainless Steel Silver Black Ice CZ Big Round LocketStainless Steel Silver Black Ice CZ Big Round LocketTS10  Twist Stainless Steel Silver Big Round Loose Floating LocketSK21  Stainless Steel Black CZ Medium Round Floating LocketTG14 Shimmer Gold Big Round Twist Locket


Thursday January 12th, 2017

Our color-center Italian charm starter bracelets are back in stock in these fabulous colors:

Color Italian Charm Starter Bracelets


Wednesday January 11th, 2017

Love is in the air! Check out over 100 great LOVE themed floating locket charms plus see our heart shaped lockets...
H8298 Love You Green Candy Heart Floating Locket CharmH8303 Be Mine Pink Candy Heart Floating Locket CharmH8308 True Love Yellow Candy Heart Floating Locket CharmH7686 I Love You Silver Heart Floating Locket CharmH6200 Red Handwritten Love Floating Locket CharmH7913 Stacked Love With Red Heart Floating Locket CharmH8136 Love On Black Floating Locket CharmH7546 Love Purple Heart Floating Locket CharmH7797 Red Arrow Heart Floating Locket CharmH7805 I Love You Banner Heart Floating Locket CharmH7799 I Love U Colorful Floating Locket Charm
H6544 Infinity Gold With Stones Floating Locket CharmH8188 Silver Heart Key Floating Locket CharmH6518 Rose Gold Ring With Stone Floating Locket Charm H8198 Gold Heart Key Lock Floating Locket CharmH5021 Double Red Hearts On Silver Floating Locket CharmH6218 Vintage Silver Heart In Envelope Floating Locket CharmH7855 Black Vintage Heart Pattern Heart Floating Locket CharmH7867 Infinity Heart Floating Locket CharmH8099 Silver Puzzle Heart Floating Locket CharmH7717 CZ Pink Heart Floating Locket CharmH9788 Silver Open Heart Floating Locket Charm
VS12 Alloy Silver XL Round LocketVersatile Loose CZ Big Round LocketVersatile Loose CZ Big Round LocketVS62 Alloy Silver Vintage Heart Locket Versatile Loose CZ Big Round Locket

...and don't miss our enamel Italian charms and photo Italian charms too...
Be Mine on Pink Heart with Glitter Italian CharmLOVE Italian CharmBe Mine on Red with Glitter Italian CharmTrue Love on Red Heart with Glitter Italian CharmI Love U on Red with Glitter Italian CharmHappy Valentines DayRed Heart and White RoseCouple in Heart Italian CharmAll You Need Is Love Italian Charm4 EVERHeart with Flame
i LOVE you Photo Italian  CharmRoses Photo Italian  CharmLive Love Laugh Custom Photo Italian  CharmSign Language Hand Sign Love Photo Italian  CharmI Love You Photo CharmSweet And Sassy Italian CharmAlways And Forever Italian CharmI Love U CharmHugs And Kisses Italian CharmRed Heart Photo Italian  CharmI Love You With Hearts Italian Charm

GA402 Curvy Heart Clear CZs Pendant...and our top-selling snap charms and snap jewelry...
H7886 Blonde Baby Girl Floating Locket CharmGS350 CZ Heart On Green Snap CharmGS505 Red CZ Heart Snap CharmGS307 All The Shades Of Love Snap CharmH7886 Blonde Baby Girl Floating Locket CharmGS639 Pink Heart Collage Snap Charm

...and see our rubber charms which work with our rubber wristbands and clog-type shoes too...


Saturday January 7th
We hope your New Year is starting off great! We are offering our princess locket charms at just 77¢ each individually & 29¢ each by the dozen for a limited time. See them all on our storybook locket charm page. H8271 Snow White Floating Locket CharmH8276 Cinderella Floating Locket CharmH8277 Jasmine Floating Locket CharmH8280 Rapunzel Floating Locket CharmH8273 Tiana Floating Locket CharmH8278 Merida Floating Locket CharmH8282 Elsa Floating Locket CharmH8283 Anna Floating Locket Charm


Sunday January 1st, 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! As a big THANK YOU to our wholesale customers we are offering a 10% rebate on all orders over $200 this week. The deal is valid for all in-stock merchandise. Place your order by January 7th and we'll refund the 10% by January 10th.


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