10 Ways to Support NewCharms.com
So you don't have to do EVERYTHING on the list, but we are appreciative of whatever you can do and are thankful for all the help we do get from our customers and friends. We couldn't do it without you!
1. Tell your friends about us. If you like NewCharms.com tell a friend or two about our site and the service you've received from us.

2. Tell a bunch of people about us. Using Facebook you can LIKE us and even post a comment to let others know what you love about our products and service at http://www.facebook.com/NewCharmsDotCom

3. Blog about us and link to us. Seriously, online links help others to find our site, and they also help the search engine websites to know that people like us which help even more people find us. If you visit online forums a link on there can help as well.
4. Come shopping on our site again. We know that we are not your local hometown store which you support so they don't get beat out by the big corporate box store, but we are a small family owned business with just a few employees who work hard and provide good service daily.
5. Email us your feedback. Periodically we post customers' comments on our feedback page so that new customers know what a great job we do. (New customers can be sometimes understandably hesitant about buying things online from a company which is new to them.)
6. Wear, use, and show off our custom items. Here's locally we're producing some of the best (and lowest priced) custom items around, and when people see them in person they often order some for themselves. See our custom photo Italian Charms (newcharms.com/photo/custom.htm) and our custom purse hangers too (newcharms.com/noncharm/pursehangercustom.htm).
7. Consider our site for gifts. Both our stock items and our custom items (see #6 for info on custom items) make good affordable gifts for family and friends.
8. Suggest ideas to us. We love to hear about items you've thought of or seen in stores, and we welcome your suggestions for new items we can carry. You can email us pictures or links or even just descriptions of items you like that we don't yet sell, and we'll see if we can get them for you at a great price.
9. Sell our items. This can be a win-win. If you decide to sell our charms, or purse hangers, or lockets (or anything else we sell) as a business or as a fundraiser, you can raise money and help our business grow at the same time.
10. Check out (and tell people about) our custom wristband site. Our site at www.sayitbands.com sells custom wristbands in ANY quantity and would love to make some for you and/or your local school, company, troop, or other organization or group.

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