Feedback from Customers
These are some of our "faves" of all of our customers' RAVES. As you can see below we love our customers and we have a lot of customers who love us. We attribute it to our high quality produts shipped quickly and our commitment to customer service. If you have any feedback for us at anytime email us at
Thanks Stu!

I appreciate your excellent communication and service! I look forward to getting the anklets and the slider charms!

Will be back soon as you are my favorite place to buy from!!

Many thanks Stu
This order arrived today, the new dangles and enamel charms are fab.
Kind regards katrina
Thank you very much for your fast response. I will do business
with you again and I was very pleased with the purse hangers.
Thank you

I received your package in the mail today and just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE my purse holder! I can't wait to show them to all of my girlfriends and give them as presents!

Thank you so much for sending them out so quickly.

Maribel D

Just wanted to let you know that I received the 17 key holders yesterday ! They are great...
Hey Stu!
Got my always...perfection! Thanks much!
I just wanted to say thank you for the fast Service and Support. I ordered 50 Custom Charms for a fundraiser and they were great and your prices are unbeatable. I searched the web for a long time and honestly, your site is the best and cheapest with good quality products. Keep up the good work. I'll recommend everyone I know to your site. Thanks, for an awesome job.


Today I received the chams in the mail and I'm very pleased with them. Thank you for the great service.

Best regards,

Dana B

Love the charms !!! Will order more. Going to sons Graduation from Marine Corps boot camp in June, trying to make bracelets for the family to wear and every time I turn around another person wants one.
Please let me know when you have a special on Patriotic/Military/USMC charms.
Thank you,
Lesa W

You guys are super!! I'm so glad I've discovered your company!!

Thanks so much!!


I received my order today in wonderful condition. Thanks for being so prompt.
Jonelle B

Thanks so much and I would like to take a second to tell you that your service is above and beyond what one would expect. Your charms are great, your prices are awesome, and your service is incredible!!! We really appreciate vendors like you!


Oh terrific! I'll be watching out for them. Thanks so much. You are the "bestest"!!!!!!
Very speedy, Stu! Thanks! Looking forward to doing business with you!

Thank you! I am excited to receive my charms. Some co-workers of mine gave me your website and have said many good things about the service.

Thank you,
H. D
Thanks so much Stu, can't tell you enough how much I appreciate it. Geneva
Hi Stu,

Thank you for your awesome service, the order was delivered yesterday. It's always been a pleasure doing business with you and will continue to do so in the future!!
Thank you,
Anna & Andrew
Hi Stu,

Just a quick note to let you know I APPRECIATE the way you do business! I placed my order with you Monday. That same day I recieved confirmation you had the order and it was sent. In addition you thanked me for my business with a personal note.

Today is Wednesday and I have the order!

I know that when you are in business that you normally hear from the unhappy customers. However, the happy ones don't take time to write.. I wanted to let you know I am very pleased with your service, prices and efficiency. If I can send any business your way you will get it.!!!!

Thanks again for the excellent service!

Sharon B


i want to signal you, i received today my package.

thank you a lot, it is a perfect order !!!


thank you. I liked the stuff especially the ones with rhinestones.

Hi Stu,

Thanks for shipping so fast--you made my day! Our usual distributor was out of stock *and* on vacation, so I was in a panic... and very relieved to find you.

FYI you were recommended to us by Diane and Abbie, both of whom speak highly of you. :)


Thanks, Stu

You are the greatest.


Thank you so much for your quick response and friendly service. I have another site that I have dealt with that was not so good.

Hi Stu,
You are the best...You have the nicest delivery..and great to communicate with..
I miss ordering from you all the time..I think,I told you I closed my buisness...However it feels great to order from you here and there..JUST TO GIVE YOU THE BUISNESS..You have always have been good to me..
Just got them and they are fabulous !!!!!
Thanks for the rush, I knew I could count on you !
Hello Stuart,
I receive my order monday, thanks all is perfect good days valerie
It's fabulous!!! Thank you so much!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!

just a note to let you know that I received my order today (2/17/07) and everything was fine and I really appreciated the promptness of the shipment. I had been dealing with someone else since November and haven't got my order yet. Really appreciate it and will probably be ordering more later. Thanks Again.
Jonelle B
Order received, charms look great.
Dawne P

Hi Stuart,

Just wanted to let you know that I got my first parcel today. WOW I am sooooooooooo impressed. I was so excited I wanted to pee my pants!! ha ha ha

Your products are awesome!!! everything is such good quality and I can't wait to get my next shipment.

Peggy D

I got my charms yesterday, thank you, they were very nice, I am sure I will return for some new charms!!!
Mr. Kapicka;

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your product and Service!!! You have exceeded all expectations which I had in doing business with you! Your product is top notch and your communications have been quick and given me the feeling that you have and interest in satisfying your customers. I was also impressed with the speed of your shipping and greatly appreciate your attention to all these details.. Please know that I hope to be in contact with you soon and place more orders for your products.. Thank You for a Pleasant experience in doing business..

Bob S

Hey there,

I received the ordered items today. Thank you very much. They are fantastic and I am estatic with my purchase. I will continue to purchase!

Enjoy the rest of your week.

I received my key chain today, thank you so much! Your customer service is outstanding! I will definitely do business with you again.


 Thank you so much for the quick response. You can be assured that I will continue to use your site and continue to refer people I know to you sites.

Rhonda D

 You are the bomb!!!!! thanks so much for being so quick! I will be sending a custom charm order soon.
thanks again
Thank you! I will recommend you to my friends!
Lori D
You deserve my business - you have the best prices of anyone - and you ship right away and I love your stuff !!!
I just wanted to let you know that I had ordered these from another custom charm guy and when I got them the were so terrible that I'am reordering from you because your quality is far superior to any other that I have seen. So needless to say, I will be ordering ALL of my custom work from you from now on. Just thought you would like to know that you truelly have no competion !!!!
Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
Jodie Y

I received the anklets and charms on Saturday....WOW, they are really awesome! Quality is excellent! Thanks again, I'm so glad I found you online, I love everything you have and I'll be back for more!


You rock. :0)

Stu ... Thank You so much, I sincerely appreciate all you do.


I received my order exactly a week from the day I mailed the money order. That is fast service! The quality of the charms is great. I plan to order again and will tell people about this site.


Hey there..

You fricken amaze me every time!! You are AWESOME! Thank you so much!!


I received the anklets and charms on Saturday....WOW, they are really awesome! Quality is excellent! Thanks again, I'm so glad I found you online, I love everything you have and I'll be back for more!


Thank you so much! I'll have another new order in the mail to you within the next couple of days. I do appreciate your courtesy :o)


thanks!!!! I've been telling people in Beaufort, SC about you! Nancy
Stuart, Thank you for letting me know that my charms were shipped, I want to take a minute to let you know that it was my first time to visit your site, I like the way it is set up, I will be visiting again soon. Kathy
Hello Mr. Kapicka,

Just wanted to write an email to let you know how much I appreciate your site. I have made numerous orders from you and am truly pleased with the service. I just sent in another order ,all the female members in my family now own them and my friends. I always send your site address with them, that way all my family know where to get more.

Thank you so much.
You guys are awesome as usual.

Thank you so much! I appreciate your good customer service!

Susan L

Thank you. I have been selling charms for a few years now. I am always looking for new people. I like your selection of the Mega Charms. Thank you again.

I received the bracelets today. They are so lovely and nice. Just the kind of bracelet I would want to be wearing all the time. They are such that I wouldn't feel and won't feel like a geek or like I am wearing something gaudy.

Thank you very much for your service.
WOW! That's service!!
I received my first order today. I want to thank you for your quick response. This is what customer service should be.


Hi Stu
That was fast, look forward to receiving them and doing business with you again soon
Kindest regards
I really love all the things I have ordered from you. I gave each of my grand daughters and my daughter a charm bracelet, and of course your web address for them to order more charms for themselves and start bracelets for their friends, it has been such a joy.

Thank you so much,
I got it today....THANK YOU it is PERFECT !!!!
Left you a Positive Feedback : ]
Oh & I did order over the weekend a bracelet for my Friend...Thanks
Received the key chains and charms today. As always, another wonderful job! Thank you so much! I really appreciate your prompt service, especially when I am doing something for our military families! God bless you!

I would like to thank you for the Beautiful Bracelet
And such excelent service....I been doing bussiness
with ebay for years ...I wish they were all like you ...I will write in ebay about your great sevice.....

Thank you

I recieved my charm order today-----they look great-- i love them and hoping my team feels the same way. We Relay on June 9--
thanks a million


Hi there

I got my "It's 5 0'clock Somewhere" charms. Thank you very much. I really appreciate your efficient service and personable touch that you have given me. I manage a Credit Union and am all about service so I appreciate good service when I experience it, believe me. I have gotten several people started on these bracelets and have told many people about your site too. I will continue to check your site for new charms and continue to tell others. It's so addicting and fun. Good luck and look for future orders from me. Thanks

Hey Stu. Thanks a whole bunch...... I am excited to get these charms for all of my son's teachers. Few are going away for good so I wanted to give them an extra special gift. :)

Thanks again for doing the exchange real quick...

I'll be buying more soon..
have a good weekend.


Thank You so much! Im very happy with my purchse! I plan on buying more so i can expand my collection! I was referring your site to others even before i recieved my order. The charms are beautiful and im showing them off everywhere. Everytime i need gifts im going to your site. The prices are great, the charms are beautiful AND the delivery was a speedy one! A plus!!! Again thank you!
Happy customer, Margarita
And I'm glad you are...FASt service and GREAT charms! GLAD I found you!
U R a Star!!!!!

I have enjoyed working with you over the past years. thank you so much

Stu, you are AWESOME! Ordered the charms Wednesday, got them TODAY, Saturday!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I needed them by Monday, didn't think it would happened, even asking for them as soon as possible!

THANK YOU AGAIN, I will order from you again. The charms are beautiful and your service is impeccable! Blessings, Lea

I received my order today.

Thank you for the fast service.

Sandra christiaens

Thanks Mr. Kapicka –

I am sure I will LOVE everything when it arrives. I enjoy shopping on your website and have been completely pleased with everything I have purchased!!! Am actually wearing some of my charms from the site today!

Have a great day!


Hi! I got the nice paw-bracelets today!
Thanks!!! Everything as nice as usual! I will do another order soon!
Bestest wishes, Mette in Sweden

Thanks Stu!

We are so excited about these keychains - we are giving them as gifts at our MOMS Club end of year banquet. Thanks for the quick service.


Thank you,as always you are on the ball!!!

That is AMAZINGLY FAST shipping - I am completely and wholly impressed!

Thanks so much -
Hi Stu,
Hey, I received my order of 130 Names yesterday and they look awesome! As usual, great timely service too.
One last thing Stu.....does your wife get upset with you when all the ladies that purchase all of your jewelry tell you how great you are and how well you take care of us all? LOL

Cause you truly are the greatest, and l don't tell that to too many men in my life. LOL

Thank you! These are the greatest invention and I hope to continue ordering for gifts. Thanks for the quick shipping, too. Carol
Stuart.....thanks so much for finding that fabulous camera charm. I was so very pleased to receive the charms in today's mail, as I am leaving town tomorrow on a short vacation. Your service is terrific.


I received the anklets and charms on Saturday....WOW, they are really awesome! Quality is excellent! Thanks again, I'm so glad I found you online, I love everything you have and I'll be back for more!


I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how impressed I am with the service, speed and quality of the charms I ordered. You really delivered customer service by expediting the delivery of my custom order. I can't believe how awesome our charms turned out. I am truly impressed. ... We are putting together a monthly promo as an incentive for activity and the charm bracelets will fit to a tee. ... I look forward to doing business with you again soon. And thank you again, you have made it possible for me to have something truly unique to give my hard working girls (the Fabulous Poppin' D.I.V.A.S.) Have a great day!



Thank-you so much! I can't believe the fast delivery, I was totally surprised. What GREAT
customer service. I will be shopping your store often.
Thanks again!
B. Smith
Rec'd my last order in record usual...the laser I ordered was a Hit...just PERFECT...I always get compliments on the variety of charm's I have in my case; my customers just love them !!! Thanks for all your hard work & for having the wide assortment of charms that makes it soooo easy to please. I sure do appreciate all that you do... Laurie
I received my order on Monday 3/28. Thank you for the prompt service! So far, I am very pleased with the
quality of the charms. I will certainly order from you in the future and I will recommend your site to my friends! Sincerely, Jacqui
I want to thank you...I can always count on you for such speedy delivery and quality charms..I had a customer that needed the violin charm that I had purchased from you on Wednesday, she needed it by Saturday. I told her you were very good with shipping however I could not promise it would be in the store... IT WAS IN ON SATURDAY FOR MY CUSTOMER..You really helped me..
Thank you.
Just wanted to let you know that I received my charms yesterday. They are wonderful as always. Thank you very much. ... Thank you once again for your great service and quick delivery.
Thanks for being so great to do business with. I really do appreciate your consistent, fair, and FAST service. Nancy
Just a note to say thank you for the wonderful selection of charms. I have started bracelets for my secret pals, sisters and daughters. There is a charm for everyone. Service was great too. I was thinking I would have to wait several days and lo and behold my charms arrived quicker than the website stated. Thanks again for the great selection and awesome service.
I just wanted to thank you for your great service and fast delivery. I received my order on christmas eve, the timing couldn't have been better. The charms are beautiful, great quality. I will be ordering again soon.
Thanks again,
Thank-you so much for the great charms. The custom lasers look great and the enamels are perfect! My shipment came nice and quick. Good job! I received my order today, and already, I'm back on the website ordering more.
Thanks so much. I already got the charms yesterday! This is the greatest service EVER! I'm going to recommend you to everyone not only because of your great shipping and service but also for your great prices. Thanks so much! Thanks for making my Christmas shopping that much easier! :)

Thank you so much. You have been such a pleasure to work with, and I appreciate so much all the effort you put into keeping your customers happy

I've been viewing your site daily for all the new charms you are getting in. I have purchased many charms from you and am very pleased with the quality and service of your charms. I also appreciate the fast service I get in receiving my purchases. Keep up the good work. I will be back for more.


Hi Stu,
Thanks for getting back to me so fast. I just wanted to drop a note to thank
you for having your store to shop from. Because of this and also the web
site you set up for me and also allowing me to use your pictures my business
has tripled in the last month. I had a sale here in town and the work got
out so now tons of people are calling and coming over to shop. I even have
customers having open houses for me. Thanks a lot and have a super day. Your
I am very impressed in the quality of your charms I will be ordering from you, for my business again!
Thank you,
I received my order today. Thanks for your prompt service. My order was
complete and accurate. I am very pleased with the quality and would/will
recommend your site to others. Thanks again!
Hello Stu
I reciefd the items today.
I am verry pleast. The are nice and the sending was verry quich
Hope to buy more.
You may correct my mail in desent englisch if you want to juse it in your feedback :-)
It is just a pitty tou can not give me feedback on ebay, I could yuse them :-(
groetjes van Nederland.
Stu, what can I say? Once are the best!
Just wanted to let you know I appreciate the fast service and quality charms you provide. You are my favorite supplier and I love looking at your site for new charms that arrive. Keep up the great job. You are the BEST!!!!
Your Greatful Buyer-
Hi Stu,
Thanks for the order! I received everything today and it is all perfect!!! ... your service is incredible. Again thanks & take care, Kim
Hey Stu...When was the last time anyone told you that you are doing a wonderful job? Well, You are doing a wonderful job. I really appreciate your great customer service! Makes things a bit smoother! Thanks again for everything!

I received the charms i ordered yesterday,i can't believe how quick you were at getting them to me. Your website doesn't do much justice to the actual charm , the quality is amazing . So much more detail than you can see in the pictures on your site. I am more than satisfied with my charms and the quickness of the order, i definatly am a more than satisfied buyer and me and my friends will definatly return soon to buy more charms. Thank you so much for the charms they are awesome . I tried to post a buyer comment on paypal for you about how fast you were and how pleased i am but i can't figure out how to on paypal. If you have any idea how i can please let me know i would be more than happy to post a good review about you like you can on ebay , or you can copy and paste this in. Anyway thank you again for the charms they are so much better than i could have expected and of high quality to . sincely, chandra
I just wanted to tell you....for a first time customer, I am very impressed! A friend told me about your website and I checked it out. I really like the selection you have and your prices are a bonus. I appreciate being able to buy larger quantities with wholesale prices without having to be a certified business. Thank you so much! I am very impressed with your selection and your extra fast shipping was wonderful! I will definitely be a repeat customer!


Thanks so much! :) Your the best charm dealer!!!
My friends call me atleast once a day....."Do you have them yet?, Can I come
over? " LOL

You are the best, serious.

Always fast shipping,quality product and excellent customer service.

I just cannot stay away.

Thanks for everything


Just wanted to let you know that I received your order today and I couldn't be happier. The charms are beautiful, your prices are great and you shipped them to me so fast! I will definitely order more from you and I will tell my friends where I got these charms. (Most of them were purchased for friends).

Thank you so very much,

Deb june28th

Thanks for the great service and I'm really pleased with the charms. I will tell my friends!


Wow, it just doesn't get any faster than that! I've been meaning to write you a note for a while and I just haven't taken the time to do it...shame on me! Thank you so much for all of the extra cat charms in my recent order.Those are very good sellers for me and I really appreciated them. Thank you also for the fantastic selection! I can't wait to get my latest two orders in and see all of the fantastic new ones.

I really appreciate your great items and excellent custome service and just wanted to let you know.

Thanks again,

For someone like myself who is just starting out in this business, you have made it very easy for me to get my feet on the ground. Without your great prices I wouldn't be able to have the variety I have or as many. All my customers comment on the amount of charms I have. I am like a kid in a candy store when I go to your site, and I love your wonderful personal service. I love the fact that you will make things right. Whatever you are doing, keep it up! You make doing business a fun thing to do. Sincerely, Mary

Thanks for shipping my order so fast got it yesterday......Will be back for

Thanks Again

Just wanted to say thanks for the super fast and courteous service!!!

I received my charms today!!! All I can say is absolutely cute, cute, cute!!!! Thanks for the fast shipment and great customer service, you kept me informed about when they were shipped and the nice emails too :o). These are the first ones I have received and believe me I will be back to buy more!!! Thanks again!!!


Even though I have not YET placed my order, all your help and info has been VERY helpful! And you getting back to your potential customers in such a quick manner is a GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

I look forward making purchases for my daughter and friend and even thinking of getting a bracelet for myself now that I see your selection!! =)

I will definitely recommend your site to my friends! GOOD JOB!

Hi, just wanted you to know I got the charms today, thanks! I will be buying more charms from your site. It's easy to use and I like the price and quality! See you soon!
got the charms! they were awesome! they look like the charms that they
want $16-$20 dollars for in our town.
Great charms... they sell fast ...quick shipper..ordering from again and will contuine to do so...
Stu your package arrived today all in one piece everything looks great
thanks for your speedy service. really
appreciate it Gene

Hi Stu,
Received the charms yesterday! What great service! I posted feedback for you and hope you will do the same for me. Thanks again! I will be back!
Kathi Andrade

Thanks Stu.

I was overly impressed with the quality of your charms. And the service was incredible.My wife and I have just found a new supplier for our business. I wish all of our suppliers were this great. Thanks again
Hi Stuart
Just wanted you to know that i received the charms today. Thanks for the
great charms!! I will leave positive feedback tomorrow night. Have a great day!!

Received items yesterday.
VERY Pleased!


Thank you ..Thank you are the GREATEST!!!


Just got my order today. Thank you!!!
I'm thrilled with the order and have already recommended you to someone else just getting into the business. I'll place another order soon!

Have great week!

hi i left you good feed back, i just wanted to write and tell you i enjoy every
one you have sent so far and i like dealing with you . keep up the good work
ty margie

Hi Stu,

I didn't get a chance to drop you a note yesterday evening but wanted to say
thanks for the extra charms you sent with my recent order. Thank you so
much for finding the yellow ribbon charms. Those are much nicer than the
other ones that I have seen on line and the one you sent with the samples of
the new ones went directly onto my own bracelet. I really appreciate all
that you do for your customers.



Thank you soooo much for doing this! I had parent teacher conference last night and I love my 7 yr olds teacher. So I took her a starter bracelet with a teacher charm on it as a gift. I gave her the web page addy so she could get charms. Well...she wrote me a note today saying ALOT of the teachers want one!

So, keep them new, wonderful charms coming!! WE ( you and me both!) shall be busy!!!


Got the charms today and they were great!!! Now I have to order more....everyone loved them.

Thanks! The charms are awesome, I love them!!

-Jenn's perfect!!! I have received many emails already from clients
and reps commenting on how thrilled they are to view such variety. It's
really going to help business, cut down on my printing costs and boost
fundraising eforts.

Thanks Stu! You're the best. Have a great week!


Hi, I received my order today and was very satisfied with the
substitutions you made. You are more than fair amd I really like
dealing with you. I will watch your site and when the items that were
out of stock come back in I will probably order them again. I have
already sent you a second order and waiting for your packages is like
waiting for Christmas. I am really glad I found your site.

Thank you

Thanks are a charm!
Thank You Stu. You are the best to work with. Sincerely, Jill

Thank you Stu...
Looking forward to receiving my charms.
You have a devoted shopper here...
Best customer service around and awesome prices....


Thanks Stu...I knew I could count on you for the best service!

Thank you Stu...
Looking forward to receiving my charms.
You have a devoted shopper here...
Best customer service around and awesome prices....


Thanks Stu...I knew I could count on you for the best service!

You offer the majority of our most popular charm seletion. I wasn't kidding when I said that I check your site regularly (sometimes 3-4 times a day) and finding "your" level of personal service is almost unheard of in today business world. I just wanted to let you know that we truely appreciate all your efforts in continuting to offer exciting, new and affordable charms. Dealing with you is always a PLEASURE !!!

Thanks again Stu


I just ordered some charms from you and have received them. I wanted to tell you that I think the quality is FAR MORE than I expected. Excellant!

...I will certainly refer you to anyone who appreciates quality at a fair price...Im so glad I bumped into you!

Thank you again!

Just wanted to drop you a line so you wouldn't think we forgot you, we
spent a ton of money last month and just need to get a little cash flow
back. We were very happy with your service and the quality of the
merchandise. A couple of our venders also carry these DlinQ charms, but
lately have switched to some real junk, not to mention the short
shipping and substitutions. We'd rather pay a little more and get nice
stuff, never knowing what was coming until it got here was killing us. I
really liked the fact that you sent an email with ordered vs. shipped
items, is that a normal part of your process? Since we sell on ebay,
it's nice to know you're going to be out of something before you run
out. Makes listing that much easier.


Stu, you are the best!!!!! Thanks really for everything, and we will be buying from you again!!!!




I just wanted to let you know I have received the latest batch of charms I ordered. Thank you so much for the fast service and beautiful charms. The little extras in the package were greatly appreciated as I ordered the charms and bracelets for Easter. A group at our church has co-ordinated a project that provides Easter baskets for the less fortunate people in our area. At this point in time we are up to 300 baskets and there is still several weeks until the holiday. You have enabled us to provide a special treat for more than a few of the hard to buy for teenagers. Thank you so much!!!

I will be placing another order very soon.

Thank you again!



I received my first shipment of charms today and they are wonderful! Thank
you so much for providing such a good quality product at a great price. I
know these will be great for my ... fundraising. I'm really
looking forward to receiving the large set that I ordered this weekend.

With thanks,

my items was shipped quickly and i liked them very muchi will do business with you again
Hey Stu.

I just sent you the money, and thanks for the great offer. Will you always be getting new charms? I have been looking for flags for a long time, I am so happy you got them!!! It really is a pleasure doing business with you, not only great charms, but also awesome service!!!!!! :)

Your website is in my favorites now, so you will be hearing from me soon again!!!

Take care and thanks for everything


Stu –

Just saw the new daughter charms – FANTASTIC – just what I was looking for. Thanks for all your great charms and the fast service you provide!!! I appreciate it.


Hi Stuart, I just wanted this opportunity to add feedback like everyone else. In Canada, I have a nice little business selling your charms. I offer customers 100% satisfaction against any defects. The rare time someone has returned one, I have returned the defective charm and been fully compensated, with no questions asked. I appreciate this as I am just a small business, but still a business, that is not neglected for larger buyers. For that, I also thank you. Keep up the great work! Sandie from Canada
Stu you are a delight to do business with. If i knew how to tell e-bay how Good you are I would. Can you tell me how to do it? Thanks, Jill
Hi Stu,

I am a new customer. I own a home party charm business. You are a true "find". I am so glad to have come across you! You will be getting large volumes of business from me in the near future (like probably every day), as you may have already noticed.

Thanks again!

Sandie :)

Thanks Stu

I will be buying all of my charms from you now. I think it's about time that someone gives us small retailers a break. Keep up the good work, and keep thoes quality charms comming!


WOW! Are you ever fast! I got the charms from you today and they are GORGEOUS!!!! Thank's soooo much I guess we know who I will be using from now on! I can't wait to sell the other charms that I am getting so I can get yet MORE from you!
Ok, but it was a lot like christmas ya know? Pretty shiny things in a package. Once again, thank you. Excellent experience.
I got your last shipment today and I just LOVE the charms!!! Thank you so much!!
I received a bunch of charms today. Thanks for the extra charms for combine shipping. And the ones to replace your short stock.

You're the best.

Still Awsome as always.

I wanted to say that I think you're the best. After a few correspondences with you I could tell you are very personable and dedicated to your customers. When I send an order, you surprise me with extras. If I ever mention a faulty charm you MORE THAN make up for the defects.
I want to thank you for being so fast and accurate with orders. I don't just get my orders in a day but the quantity and accuracy are right on too!!! I don't know how you keep up -- but you do an AWESOME job!!
I can honestly say -- Your one of a kind!!

Thank you again!!

Thank you Stu for how fast you mail the orders out. I really enjoy doing business with you. I have had a few flaky people regarding charms, so your a breathe of fresh air. Thanks again, Jill
I wanted to say that I think you're the best. After a few correspondences with you I could tell you are very personable and dedicated to your customers. When I send an order, you surprise me with extras. If I ever mention a faulty charm you MORE THAN make up for the defects.
I want to thank you for being so fast and accurate with orders. I don't just get my orders in a day but the quantity and accuracy are right on too!!! I don't know how you keep up -- but you do an AWESOME job!!
I can honestly say -- Your one of a kind!!

Thank you again!!


G'day Stu,

A quick note to let you know that I have received my charms and it was very considerate of you to send me your butterfly range, which I truly appreciate.

Your service is always spot on :o)

Thank you!....until my next order!

Kind regards, Christine


Thanks for the great service!!


You are absolutely the best!!! Love theses special charms you some time send. You can't beat your prices along with the fast shipping you do. You really know how to keep you charm people happy.............Thanks Lori
Stu - what would I do without you! Thanks again, Candy
thanks for your prompt attn to this matter and as always A1 service!
RECEIVED! The charms are beautiful! Thanks Stuart!!

Let me tell you my story...

Once upon a time, there was a [another charm] website ... I found it through Ebay. IT SUCKS! I can't believe what a mess this transaction turned out to be. I should have never ordered from this guy. I had kids waiting for their charms though, and you were out of stock. I needed them for next week, so last week I ordered from this guy. I allowed for 3 weeks shipping, just in case. So I put my order in on February 11th. He didn't confirm that he received my order. He didn't tell me it was shipped. Nothing. So I emailed him again on the 15th and asked him what was up. So he emailed me on the 16th and told me a couple of charms were out of stock (which of course his website never indicated), so he was waiting for them to come in, and he would ship them on the 17th. A week after I ordered them!! Without even notifying me, or giving me the option to cancel, or order something in place of whatever was out of stock. So of course he didn't ship them yesterday, he ended up shipping them today! One charm is still out of stock, so instead of giving me a full refund for those charms, he gave me a partial refund, and the rest went towards shipping costs, since he miscalculated the charges buy a couple dollars. Not my problem!!! What a jerk.

I'm never ordering from anyone else again. The moral of the story is, if you're out of stock on something.. TOO BAD. I'll have to wait. Ordering from you works well. You go out of your way to make sure everything is right. You're a nice person. We have good talks over email. You're just a good guy. You make the ordering process quick and easy. You always let me know what's going on. It's good customer service. Not a lot of people do what you do. I had such a bad experience with this other guy. I guess I had expectations of how this should all work, because everything goes so smoothly with you. I guess he's no Stu

Never again!! I guess you're stuck with me forever!


Okay, Thanks! I do have to say that I think you have a GREAT company. Your customer service is fabulous. Your charms are fantastic and your prices are the best. What more could I ask for? Have a great week and thanks again!


Got my order today. As always they are awesome and delivery was fast..



Thank you so much STU!!!!!!! I like your fast shipping You ROCK!!!!!!!! Have a great Valentines Day!
Thanks, Stu.
Great sevice as usual!!!
You are far to cool. Why anyone would buy their wholesale charms anywhere else is beyond me. Thanks so much for the friendly, fast and just AWESOME
SERVICE. You're the best!!!
oh my...i received the charms today...thank you so much for being so prompt. Ihave stopped using ebay altogether and only purchase from you for my wholesale lots...wonderful service!!!!!
Thanks STU as always you're the best!!!
Dear Stu,
Thanks again for your speedy service. ... I appreciate your speedy and efficient service.
Your packaging of the order is also very good. Once again it has been a pleasure working with
Thanks Stu!

You do a good job taking care of my orders!
Thanks so much. Everyone should be this easy to work with. Have a great day.

Hi Stu,

You're awesome!! :)

I already got my package and the charms look great. ...

Thanks again for everything, I could tell from the first time I wrote you, that you'd have good customer service (that was back in October, or so...)


I got my order today and I am very pleased as always. Thank you for the dangle Valentine's Day charms. They are cute!


Thanks Stu,
Received my charms yesterday and really like them. The Valentine charms you included are very cute. Thank you


Just wanted to let you know I recieved my charms today and they are great!! Thank you very much for the beautiful valentine charms they are great. ... I will have to be checking in next week and see what you have untill then see you later and thank you a bunch for being a great seller.

Hey Stu, charms arrived today! They are're the best! Thanks

Thanks Stu...
Again you're the best. And I will recomend you to all. ...

I'm now going to purchase the 100 letter set you so expertly put together!!! I appreciate the thought you put into it and again the quality.

I ORDERED some of the new charms last night,,, wow they do just keep
getting better and better.. im very excited about the new ones :)

Thanks for everything, keep up the good work


you know you are always saying on your invoices give me feedback , i welcome feedback and quite frankly i dont think i ever have. also i noticed you lowered your prices (99 cent sale).

i stumbled upon a wholesale website a few weeks ago that sells alot (not all) of the charms you do [at a lower price]. i bought from them once. i ordered tons of charms from them, they shipped me maybe 33% of them (rest were not in stock but the website failed to show that), then they charged my credit card without telling me when and what the amount would was pretty much a joke... so it just goes to show in the end you do get what you pay for.. i never thought your prices were bad to begin with.. i could buy charms at 1.25 a piece and still earn a profit.. so i just wanted to say your ... PROMPT shipping and quick resolutions to any slight problem i have had in the past DOES NOT GO UNNOTICED OR unappreciated :)

Thanks for everything, you are the #1 charm supplier in my book :)

Hi Stu,

"THANK YOU". I appreciate all the things you have done for me.
I'll get in touch by viewing your site every day for new items.

Thanks again!

Wow. Thanks for the quick shipment ... I am so pleased with your service and the products received. I can promise you that we will be ordering from you again. We got them less than 24 hours after I ordered them and they are great!! Thanks again from you new customer

stuart. thanks for the response.

...i have told everyone about your site my [even a relative in] texas. thay have not even heard about the italian charms . i sent her some charms and the people there are going crazy so she will be ordering from you as well. and i will keep telling people about your web site. i think you are awsome to work with. cant wait to see the new ones. take care

Hello Stu,

I want to use this opportunity to thank you for great business. I am very
satisfied about your charms and your very fast shipping. To me you are the
absolute number 1 seller! Thanks

Kind regards


Thank you so much for all your professional assistance, I look forward to
doing alot more business with you in the near future.

Thanks Again.

I was so impressed with the quality of your items.
They look even better in person.

Thank you for offering a special deal for multiple purchase.
Our local store prices are triple of your price.

Your delivery was very speedy.
I thought I couldn't get them in time for end of the school gifts for teachers.

I didn't have to pay alot for really nice gifts.
They'll think I spent a fortune on them.

Just wanted to pass this along!
I will definitely buy more from you.

Thanks again!
Mindy C

WOW!!! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I am waiting on an email
back from my customer & as soon as I do, will get back to you. And yes,
please do keep my number for future reference.

Did I ever tell you, you are the BEST????

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