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Welcome to our Italian Charm Jewelry Shop

From some of our most reques ted and most popular laser charms we have created a MIX AND MATCH category where you can pay a lower price based on the total quantity you order (rather than the quantity per design) to save you money and help you stock up! So if you order 5 or 10 or 20 total charms from anything on this page by emailing the order to us and requesting the items by item number you will qualify for the quantity discount.

Total mix and match quantity...
Your price per piece...
See below for our popular mix and match charms (now including our NAMES charms at the bottom of the page)...
HELPFUL HINT: if you want to order 10 of the "MOM" charm with a smile face on it, you could email and let us know that you need: 10x Family F1

Now you can MIX AND MATCH name charms below with charms above for a lower price per piece!

You can download and print our laser name catalog in pdf format below. Fill out the top portion and circle the names you need. If you are ordering some of the items from above (from our Family, Dogs, Military, etc categories) you can write those on the sheets before you fax them back to us.

To download our laser name catalog, click here. You may want to save it to your computer first, because it is a large file (650 KB) and may take a couple minutes to download.

The catalog is in PDF format which requires a free program from Adobe to open. If you can't open the catalog, download the program by clicking the link below.



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